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How to Fix the Update Issues in your iPad

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Fixing Update Issues

Most of you who own an iPad tablet might have come across the issue of not carrying out updates. This is itself a serious issue as it will prevent the apps from being updated to their newer versions. Moreover, it may present the users with issues in the downloading or updating of installed apps. This problem mainly occurs due to some issues with the authentication of the device. Due to this, the App Store will find it increasingly difficult to identify your device thereby interfering with the updates process.

This update issue can also be caused because of another download that is currently in progress that causes the app to be updated to wait until it is finished. Properly diagnosing the issue is the best way to fully solve the issue from your iPad. Below is how to fix update issues in your iPad.

Checking any Pending Downloads in iTunes

Any pending downloads remaining in iTunes can cause an issue with the updates of the apps in your iPad. In most cases, a song or movie that you tried to download via the iTunes can get stuck during download. Specifically, if you use iBooks, open the app and check whether any ongoing downloads are there. Tap on them to enable them to continue downloading.

For checking any pending downloads in the iTunes app, tap on the Purchased option. This will display a sorted version of any of the content that you recently downloaded such as movies. For other content such as music and TV shows, tap on the Recent Purchases links located at the top for checking whether there are any pending downloads. Tap them to continue with the downloading.

Downloading a Fresh App

Mostly, the update issue in your iPads occurs due to any errors with the authentication of the device with iTunes store. This can result in all your downloads to get stuck that causes the update problem. You can try downloading a new app from the store, which forces the device to carry out authentication of your iPad again. After the app is installed, try this with the app that has become stuck on your device to check whether it is downloading.

Signing out from your Apple ID

Simply signing out from your Apple ID and logging back is one effective way to resolve any update issues in your iPad. For signing out of your Apple ID, go to Settings and choose the iTunes and App Store option on the left side menu. Tap on the portion where your Apple ID is displayed. A pop-up menu will appear that you can use to sign out. Sign in again into your Apple ID and try downloading the troublesome app again.