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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Offer Free Stylus

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung used to release many tablet models every year, but now their tablets efforts have become much subdued. Nonetheless, Samsung tablets have always been in great demand in the wholesale tablets and retail market. They are now announcing three high-end tablets that are focused on productivity.

Windows 10 OS powers two of the new tablets announced by Samsung, but the most mainstream one is powered by Android operating system, and is named Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Galaxy Tab S3 is the direct successor of the Galaxy Tab S2 and features a very slim design. Much like their Galaxy range of smartphones, the tablet also has an all-glass back and offers features that are appropriate for the tablets of the modern era.


The display of Galaxy Tab S3 is 9.7 inch and it features super AMOLED technology, offering a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels to support HDR video. The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, and it has a RAM size of 4 GB, with internal memory of 32 GB. A microSD card slot is offered as well that can be used to expand the internal memory up to 256 GB.

The tablet features four speakers and measures only 6 mm in thickness. The software experience is offered by Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. A high-end tablet just for reading and writing is not a plausible idea for 2017 tablets, so Samsung has included more and more productivity features to the device.

Samsung is offering a new S-Pen with Galaxy Tab S3 in the box. This new S-Pen is thicker and larger than the one that was included with the older tablet models from Samsung. Samsung explained that their new S-Pen has a tip of 0.7 mm and offer more than 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity. The latest S-Pen supports many things like taking notes, capturing screenshots, and recording GIFs from videos. However, the only problem is that unlike the Galaxy Note line of tablets, Galaxy Tab S3 does not have a place to store the S-Pen when it is not used. Luckily, the S-Pen is flat on both the sides so the user can carry it easily.

There is also the optional keyboard that further improves the productivity of the device. It can be attached to the bottom of the tablet with a pogo pin. Moreover, the keyboard does not need to be charged or paired with Galaxy Tab S3 to use it. Users can just connect the keyboard to the device and use it as needed. This optional keyboard is made of plastic and gives a good typing experience.