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Steps FOR Restoring an iPad to Factory Settings

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Restore Factory Settings In iPad

Many people who own old iPads recently complained that their device is getting slow with each passing day. Apparently, if there are a number of applications on your iPad or if the internal memory of the device is running out, then your iPad may get slow. So, try to remove a few applications, clear the internal memory of your device, and check whether the device is performing better or not.

iPad users usually factory restore their device before selling it to another person. This is done to make sure that their valuable data and other information does not pass on to the buyer. However, factory restore has also helped plenty of iPad users to fix several issues related to the iPad. So if your device is still running at a slow pace after uninstalling a few apps, then performing a factory restore might help you solve the issue.

Follow these steps to restore your iPad to the factory settings.

  • Ensure that you are using the most recent version of iTunes on your PC or Mac. If you iPad is still working and if you have access to a PC or Mac, then you will have to learn how to restore the iPad without a computer.
  • Make a backup if you wish to save the information on your iPad.
  • Go to Settings, click on iCloud, and then select the Turn off Find My iPhone
  • Open iTunes on your PC, and connect your iPad to the computer with the help of a compatible USB cable. Enter the device passcode if necessary.
  • Now, select your iPad when it appears in the iTunes of the PC, and click Restore in the Summary
  • Once again, click on the Restore icon to confirm your choice. Now, iTunes will erase all the contents of your iPad and install the latest version.
  • Your device will slowly restore to the factory settings and then it will get restarted once the process is complete.

If you see an error message during the process, then you will have to redo the procedure from the first step. Yet if the issue persists, then you will have to seek the help of an expert technician to fix the error. On the other hand, if your device is restored to the factory settings successfully, install a few apps and check whether the device is running perfectly.