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Tips for Setting up iPad for International Travel

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Preparing Ipad For Travel

iPads are known for their resilient nature and exceptional build for daily usage. However, commuters that frequently travel to overseas destinations may often find themselves in difficulty in using these devices owing to its charging, cellular data, and Wi-Fi. The standards vary according to each country and it is up to the user to prepare the iPad well before undertaking any international travels.

Note that iPads have many built-in features relating to cellular data, charging, and Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it suitable for use in any country across the world. Below are some tips to preparing the iPad for international travel.

Checking Cellular Service

The SIM card remains unlocked in a cellular enabled iPad device purchased from a wholesale iPads bulk dealer. The various aspects of the network must be well acquainted for having a proper knowledge about the costs and limitations.

Consult with your local cellular carrier before embarking on an international travel. Their qualified professionals can clear any of your doubts regarding international cellular usage.

For iPads with Apple SIM, the user can purchase cellular data plans from selected carriers available across more than 90 countries. Select a cellular data plan for getting connected to the network in any destination.

Disabling Data Roaming

Disabling the data roaming is one of the first things to do while preparing the iPad for international travel. This will make the device to stop using internet data through the cellular network.

Remember that failing to do so can incur significant charges even for a minimum amount of data usage due to the international roaming tariffs of different countries. For disabling data roaming, tap on Settings > Cellular > Turn Data Roaming Off. A disabled data-roaming feature is indicated by the absence of the cellular data icon in the status bar.

Monitoring Data Usage

It is good to monitor the data used by each of the apps in case of data usage due to the high tariff involved in international roaming. Reset the data monitoring statistics before making any international travels and can be accessed at the underside of the cellular data section.

Moreover, use WiFi than the cellular network for saving data. Popular apps such as Google Voice, Skype, FaceTime, etc., allows free calls to anywhere and at any time.

Proper Power Outlets

Purchasing Apple’s World Traveler Adapter Kit for iPads is recommended for international travels. It suits with all the different electrical outlets of different countries. Moreover, for first-time travelers, it is better to carry out a search regarding the types of power outlets used in different countries.