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Top 10 Apps for your New Tablet

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There are plenty of tablets available in the market and if you were to buy one, then it is essential to make sure that the tablet is capable of meeting all your needs. Finding the accurate tablet might seem difficult initially, but you could narrow down the devices based on factors such as price, specifications, features, storage, and such.

Downloading the right apps after buying a tablet can make the device even more useful and helpful to you. Below 10 most popular applications, which will certainly help you make the most of your latest tablet.


This amazing app instantly turns your tablet into a fully functional GPS. This will make sure that you don’t get lost or stuck in traffic by finding your destinations with ease.


IHeartRadio application allows you to listen to all radio stations across the country and even the ones around the world. You will not have to worry about tuning into your favorite radio station, if you download this app.


If you are a music lover, then Pandora is a must-have app, as it let you enter any song or artist and create a playlist entirely based on your personal taste.

Email Application

Downloading this app will make it easier for you to access your email. There are definite applications for Google, Yahoo Mail, and a lot more.

Kingsoft Office

This app is a free replacement for Microsoft Office and it allows you to be a lot more productive. This app helps you to create and save different types of files including Word, Excel, and PDF documents.


If you spend a lot of time on your social media, then you should definitely download this app. This app allows you to scroll through the recent posts shared by your friends and a lot more.

This exceptional powerful to-do list organizer allows you to see everything you want to do at a single glance.

City Maps2Go

It is very difficult to find your way in a new city but if you have City Maps2Go app in your tablet, then you don’t need to worry about finding your destination.


Dropbox is a cloud storage app, which allows you to easily access your essential files from wherever you want. Download the app right away and start adding your important documents or files into it.


Pocket is an interesting app, which let you store all pictures, videos, and other items in a single easy to access location.