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Why Training Professionals use Tablets

10-inch tablets

Training professionals are choosing to use tablets with bigger screens i.e., 10 inches wide because they are well aware of the benefits they can get from tablets instead of laptops.

To answer the question why a training professional uses 10-inch tablets, there can be many reasons which can include the positive points of using a 10-inch tablet and negative points of using a laptop.

 10-inch tablets


A training professional can work from anywhere using a tablet. They are also portable enough to carry in a handbag.


A 10-inch tablet is lighter in weight than a laptop and still more efficient

An attractive design:

For a training professional maintaining his personality is the important and attractive design of any 10-inch widescreen tablet can help him more than a laptop

Gesture recognition:

New 10-inch widescreen tablets have technology enabled in their system that they can sense gestures and work according to them like if you want to change the slide, you just make a flick of your finger and slide will automatically move.

These were the major reasons that can convince any professional trainer to use best 10-inch tablets.

Other few reasons are the following:

  • The 10-inch tablets can be laid flat on a working surface.
  • Tablets are great and easy for taking notes.
  • You can connect a keyboard to a tablet computer, but it is less portable than keeping a whole of a laptop with you everywhere.
  • Web surfing is easier within tablets because the majority of the websites are formed with desktops and laptops in mind.
  • Tablets with dual touch allow you to interact with all the subject matter material quickly.
  • A 10-inch widescreen tablet provides you with comfort and ease of use.
  • Tablets contain effective learning and teaching enhancement tools.
  • Tablets contain apps that you can use as an interactive teaching aid for tutorials and external student consultation.
  • 10-inch tablets provide a very powerful audio recording aid.
  • You can connect to the internet from anywhere.
  • While using a 10-inch tablet, you can continue and finish your work while on the go.
  • Tablets serve as an organizer to professional.
  •    Tablets are good for project presentations.
  •    Tablets are available with longer battery life.       

We can use 10-inch android tablets in a professional and formal way as it holds the capacity for both things.

Keeping in mind all these reasons, any professional trainer will use the 10-inch widescreen tablet in their professional careers. These days everyone is trying to utilize technology more and more so they can be more effective and efficient. The use of a tablet is a proven better option than using a laptop through the experiences of many high profile professionals. These are lightweight and are very easy to use for all professionals.