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What is the Best Screen Size for your Tablet

Tablet PC Wholesale

Tablet Wholesale

Deciding the screen size of a tablet is one of the most critical factors while buying a tablet. The decision to go for a tablet with large, medium, or small screen size will entirely depend on factors such as your budget as well as the tablet usage – where it will be used and for what. However, the first thing to do before choosing a tablet is to decide what operating system you want. Once you make this decision, you can shift your focus to what size you prefer for your tablet.

Most of the tablets support basic tasks such as social networking, casual gaming, light web surfing, and accessing emails. However, there are a few tasks, which are only possible with large screen tablets. Scroll down to learn more about the screen sizes of tablets.

7 Inches

Almost all 7-inch tablets are lightweight, small, portable, and will easily fit into your bag or purse. In addition to that, they are available at a cheaper and budget friendly price. 7-inch tablets are good for reading eBooks, but they are not the ideal choice for watching long videos.

8 Inches

Tablets with a screen size of 8 inches are easily portable when compared to models with greater screen size, and the bigger screen size allows them to be a bit more productive than the 7-inch tablets. The 8-inch screen is a perfect choice for reading eBooks, and is a better option for watching videos and playing games.

9 Inches

Almost all 9-inch tablets are capable of handling all the standard tasks and they offer a great experience to you while reading eBooks, playing high-end games, and watching High Definition videos. Apart from that, they can also be used for spreadsheets, word processing, and many other business tasks.

10 Inches

The tablets with the screen size of 10 inches are quite good at handling High Definition videos and allow you to play to high-end games without any lags. In addition to that, they are also the right choice for corporate and productivity applications, which are carried by thousands of business travelers.

12 Inches

Tablets with a 12-inch screen size are designed to be laptop alternatives and they specifically target business users. Most of the individuals who need to work on a computer the entire day prefer to have a larger display, as they will be able to work with multiple applications at the same time on big screen tablets.